Safe to Use

No Toxins

No Carcinogens

No Carcinogens

No Phosphates

No Phosphates

No Petrochemical Solvents

No Phosphates

No Ammonia

amBIO™ Food Industry Cleaning Products

Ensuring a consistently high standard of kitchen cleanliness is one of the food industry’s toughest challenges. Commercial kitchen environments and food preparation areas are highly regulated by governing bodies to ensure high standards of hygiene and compliance. Using amBIO™ BRC compliant food-safe biobased products takes your deep cleaning further by fulfilling your high standard cleaning requirements. Use our products on:

  • Kitchen ovens and surfaces
  • Range hoods, fryers, walls and other tough greasy surfaces
  • Trash bins and cans
  • Kitchen floors, walkways and staff bathrooms
  • Coolers, freezers and fridges
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Multiple surfaces

Failure in Meeting Cleaning Requirements

Failure to food hygiene regulations can lead to major fines, loss of reputation, and negatively impact on your organisation’s profitability. Maintaining kitchen areas with poor cleaning procedures exposes staff and customers to high-risk bacterial contamination and possible pest infestations and generally shortens the life of expensive equipment.

Combining daily cleaning procedures with amBIO™ biobased kitchen cleaning products removes any potential harmful bacteria and maintains a high level of hygiene and comfort for all.

Environmentally and Health Conscious

Our range of amBIO™ specialty chemicals are developed from naturally renewable, plant based products providing a safe, powerful and effective alternative to many of the hazardous cleaners and solvents currently in use.