Safe to Use

No Toxins

No Carcinogens

No Carcinogens

No Phosphates

No Phosphates

No Petrochemical Solvents

No Phosphates

No Ammonia


amBIO natural organic cleaning products are 100% manufactured from natural plants and are free from all artificial chemicals, fragrances and colourings, toxic-free, non-allergenic, safe to breath and safe for the skin and do not contain nasty water pollutants such as phosphates.

We are all guilty of stocking our cupboards with toxic but convenient cleaning products, without reading labels or considering the long-term effects of using these chemicals in our daily lives.

Medical research shows that statistical increases in asthma, related breathing problems, skin irritation, even cancer, indicate that we are using too many strong chemicals in our homes. A large number of these toxic chemicals are found in cleaning products that are ironically advertised as giving us a germ-free safe environment yet do considerable harm to our health and to the environment.

Safe for the entire family:

Children are especially at risk from absorption of harmful chemicals used in cleaning products. Small children rub their toys over carpets and floors cleaned with toxic products, handle their toys, and put them in their mouths. Most accidental cases of poisoning involve children consuming household cleaning products with serious and often fatal consequences. Replace harmful cleaning products with amBIO™ alternatives.

Environmentally and Health Conscious

Our range of amBIO™ specialty chemicals are developed from naturally renewable, plant based products providing a safe, powerful and effective alternative to many of the hazardous cleaners and solvents currently in use.