Safe to Use

No Toxins

No Carcinogens

No Carcinogens

No Phosphates

No Phosphates

No Petrochemical Solvents

No Phosphates

No Ammonia


amBIO™ engineering solvents, water based cleaners and lubricants are 100% plant-based, completely non-toxic, non-corrosive and readily biodegradable, providing a safer alternative for environmentally responsible companies who prefer to use non-toxic environmentally-safe products.

amBIO™’s experience of cleaning and maintenance of heavy machinery and plant in various industry sectors has enabled us to develop powerful engineering solvent cleaners and degreasers to meet the specific needs of the environment, maximising your company’s valuable production time whilst aiding the life of your machinery investment.

It is important to protect expensive machinery and plant to ensure continued performance and longevity. Regular cleaning using amBIO™ biobased solvent cleaners, degreasers and lubricants will dramatically reduce wear and tear, unnecessary maintenance and mechanical breakdown.

amBIO™ supplies a wide range of powerful biobased high performance products for all factories and workshops that are designed for use in pressure washers, soak tanks or by hand including:

  • Solvent cleaners and degreasers
  • Surface preparation and coatings
  • Lubricating sprays and spray grease
  • Water based cleaners, detergents and degreasers
  • Lubricating oils and grease
  • Electrical circuit board cleaners and fast-dry solvents

amBIO™ offers full technical support to help you make the right choice of biobased products for your facilities and equipment.

Environmentally and Health Conscious

Our range of amBIO™ specialty chemicals are developed from naturally renewable, plant based products providing a safe, powerful and effective alternative to many of the hazardous cleaners and solvents currently in use.